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Refinishing Service

Refinishing Service

Smith's Antiques also offers complete refinishing services.    Refinishing involves the complete removal of the finish by chemically hand stripping with our flo-over system.  Followed by hand sanding and then restaining the piece to the desired color. We spray our quality lacquer based finishes with a HVLP spray system to obtain a smooth desirable finish. Your piece is refinished inside as well as outside. Sorry -we do not refinish painted pieces.  During the course of the process we ensure all joints are reglued, all repairs made as necessary, and hardware polished or cleaned (as desired)  in an effort to bring your piece back to it's original beauty!

Homero Arellano who has worked with us for 26 years is a very talented and skilled refinisher. The pride in his work can be seen throughout our entire shop! Laura can still be found sanding and/stripping furniture in the work shop.


Other services we offer:

-Chair glueing, mending, dowel replacements, drawer repair

-Chair caning... not done on the premises but we have reliable people that cane for us!


ESTIMATES  are free and given on an individual basis. If you'd like to send a picture of your piece via email -we can usually give you a close ball park figure.    



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